Tuukka Rask Heads Home

Tuukka Rask has announced that he will be leaving the NHL bubble to return home to his family. If you’re one of the people being an asshole to Tuukka about his decision, kick rocks.

The guy has two young daughters and a newborn at home, he’s been locked in a hotel since the beginning of July, I don’t blame him for leaving. Does it suck for the Bruins that they have to play without their leading goalie in the playoff run? Of course, that’s a rough adjustment. Is the Cup run worth Tuukka and his family’s well-being? No, it’s not. The guy is a family man first and a hockey player second, give him a break ya bastards. He’s worked his ass off for this team the entire year but there are bigger and better things in life. I’m looking you dead in the eyes here, Mike Milbury. (Get fucked ya jackass)

The Bruins released a statement in more detail that you can read here. If I were in the bubble and I knew back at home was my wife and 3 young kids, I’d wanna go home too. The Bruins won today’s game without Tuukka and David Pastrnak. They’ll be fine even if they’re wounded so chill out and respect Tuukka’s decision. 

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