Bo Horvat: Dom of the St. Louis Blues

I live to see the St. Louis Blues lose. And today we got to see that (again) thanks to Bo Horvat.

Horvat had 2 goals in 23:29 minutes played on the ice tonight. In total, he had 4 shots on net but the two that made it in bookended the Canucks scoring. Not to mention that both goals he scored were phenomenal.

Horvat opened the game with this sick goal where he skated across 75% of the ice and absolutely embarrassed 4 Blues players:

Then to end the game in OT, Bo went 5-hole on Binnington to secure the W.

Bo Horvat is another player who is underrated in the NHL. He’s been hidden in the Canucks shittiness but now that the team has picked up some talented help for him, he’s shining. The guy is just an absolute delight to watch.

Plus, he gets bonus points in my book for kicking the Blues ass AND embarrassing Binnington. So Mr. Horvan thank you for your service and I’m looking forward to more of this in the future. (Particularly when you win the next 2 games.)

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