Dallas Stars Finally Get Their Mojo Back

It’s. About. Damn. Time.

The Stars scoring struggles have not been a private ordeal. Hell, I’ve written about their challenges on here once or twice and how it is my single biggest worry for them in these playoffs. Tonight, they finally seemed to get their heads back in the game with 4 goals in the first two periods.

Benn-Seguin-Radulov were reunited and captured goal #1 very quickly. It was messy and gritty but that’s Dallas Stars hockey baby. The goal went off a Flame’s skate but was awarded to Seguin.

Miro the Hero is responsible for the next two goals. The kid set some record with his multi-point night and his confidence is gonna make the world of difference going forward.

With the wildcard goal of it all, we have Corey Perry. Not a guy I would have put my money on tonight but with how this team’s offense usually goes, I’ll take it.

Even when faced with a 4-minute penalty kill, they still managed to stay afloat. This game has been full of the Big Bad Dallas Stars that we’ve needed. Their play was physical, it was lively – it was everything we’ve been missing the past 10 games. They still have some time left in the game but for the most part, I think they’ve rid themselves of the bad mojo.


It has come to my attention that I have jinxed them. Possibly. I will also put the blame on Alexander Radulov because that guy takes more offensive zone penalties than I have friends. Either way, Jamie Oleksiak saved my ass and the Stars have tied the series 1-1. I will be sade-ing all of my Stars’ gear tomorrow.

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