Montreal vs Philly Will Be A Goalie Battle

Montreal and Philly are both teams known for their solid goaltending.

North of the border, you got Carey Price. With 13 years of NHL experience in a city of bad luck, Price has seen it all. Over his career, he’s seen the playoffs 9 times and has a 28-32-0 record.

Over in the city of brotherly love, Carter Hart is playing in just his sophomore season. It’s his first playoff appearance in his career and he already has a 2-0-0 record. 

Both teams have notable offense but let’s be real. This series will live and die by the goaltending. The Canadiens had 28 SOG with just 1 from Shea Weber sliding past Hart. Meanwhile, the Flyers took the victory with 2 goals – 1st from Jakub Voracek and the GWG from Joel Farabee – and 31 SOG. The energy was there, Price looked about ready to throw hands with anyone who dared. 

The Habs and Flyers will play again on Friday at 2PM CT. I suspect we’ll have another game filled with incredible saves and even more anger. My biggest hope for this series? Goalie fight. I just want one and then I could care less who wins. I have the Flyers winning overall but this series must have 1 goalie fight and then I can die happy.

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