Rangers Get 1st Overall Pick In 2020

Congrats on the Rangers to getting Alexis Lafrenière in the Draft. The Rangers must have prayed to every single Hockey God, old and new, to get this pick.

He’s definitely someone the Rangers could use in their line-up. I mean, there is always time for them to trade the pick but I highly doubt they’d do that. After such a rough playoff exit, this could be their chance at another Cup run. I’m not saying Lafrenière will fix all their problems but it’s definitely a start. I men the kid put up 112 points(35G 77A) in 51 games this year. If they can just make some moves to get depth around him, they’ll be golden.

I did like the way the NHL picked it. No one can really cry “it’s rigged” when it’s just 8 ping-pong balls. Plus, I loved watching the lotto as a kid so it was nostalgic. 

Now tomorrow, the real playoff hockey begins. 4 games tomorrow, the first of each series, all are important. It was weird to go without hockey now, I got used to it being on all-time time. But fear not, it’s back. Fire up all the TVs tomorrow because it’s gonna be a long day.

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Featured Image: Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

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