How the NHL Expects Us To Go From 6 Games A Day to 2 Is Preposterous

Just yesterday, we saw 6 NHL games with every single game ending in elimination or a late 3rd-period comeback. It was, honest to God(s), one of the best days as a sports fan in my whole life. NOW, the NHL is expecting me to go down to 2-3 games a day? How am I supposed to liiiiiive Bettman!?

At least both games today had the excitement we’re all clinging to so desperately. The Avs had a late 3rd-period tying goal which pushed the game to OT. Even though they lost to the Golden Knights in overtime, it was still a thrilling game. We now know that the Chicago Blackhawks will be playing the Vegas Golden Knights in the next round and the Colorado Avalanche will play the Arizona Coyotes. As a Blackhawks fan, I’m not mad about the Hawks getting Vegas. Is it going to be tough? Yes, but I think we stand a better chance here than against the Avs. As for the Yotes, I wish you luck because the Avs are gonna be a tough customer. The Philadelphia Flyers clinched the top of the Eastern Conference with a 4-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Flyers will play Montreal in round 1. I’d put the Flyers over Montreal here. The Flyers are lethal and creative while Montreal seems to falter at critical times. 

Tomorrow, we’ll have 3 more games. The Bruins and Capitals will face off at 11AM ET. Then the Stars and Blues will play ar 2PM CT, and we’ll close the night with the final game in the Blue Jackets and Maple Leafs’ Series at 7PM CT. That’s gonna be the game no one is going to miss. After the last game, the Leafs’ aren’t to be counted out yet. You can take your guess at who is gonna win but there is really no way to know until the final seconds of the game tomorrow.

This whole playoff has been a bit of a crapshoot but whatever. I mean, McDavid led the playoffs in points, and his team was kicked out of the playoffs last night. It’s a year where anyone could win and I like that a lot more than when we know what to expect. 

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Featured Image: Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

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