Hawks Vs Oilers Might Be The Most Entertaining Series In The Playoffs

If you thought Saturday’s game was interesting, then you’re in for an absolute treat. (Unless you’re a Hawks fan like me tbh)

Hawks started in a rough place. McDavid scored:19 seconds in and quickly followed that up with another one juuuust about 4 minutes later.

The Hawks got on the board not long after with a slick pass from DeBrincat to Kane.

The Oilers went up 3-1 with a goal from – get this- Not Connor McDavid (it was Tyler Ennis). BUT HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS! Slater Koekkoek gets the Hawks within one and then Mr. Olli Mattaa gets the game tied 3-3. But, McDavid completed his Hat Trick and we ended the 2nd period 4-3.

The second period was riddled with penalties. In total, there were 14 minutes in penalties (4 CHI and 8 EDM) and Edmonton only converted 1 goal on the PP. 

The third period started with the Hawks dissolving like cotton candy in water. Edmonton got themselves up 6-3 very quickly, 2 goals in 40 seconds. 

The game finished up 6-3 with Edmonton the victor and the series tied 1-1-0.

For the Blackhawks, the power play was atrocious, we went 0 for 4. Loose pucks cost them 2 goals, turnovers were all over the place. It seemed like once the 3rd began their legs and energy went out the window. I want this team to go far but if they just drop out like this, we don’t stand a chance. 

Even if I hate the outcome of this game, this series is probably the most interesting in the playoffs. It’s electric every game, you’re always on the edge of your seat. In just 2 games we’ve seen 19 goals between the teams – 4 from McDavid alone. No matter how many games it goes, it’s the best one to watch.

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Featured Image: Photo by Andy Devlin/NHLI via Getty Images

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