Hawks Gets Their First Playoff Win In 1,561 Days

The Chicago Blackhawks have won a playoff game for the first time since April 23rd, 2016. L. F. G.

First of all, shoutout to Matt Dumba and his speech that happened before the game. He deserves all the respect in the world. When I get a paycheck, I will be getting an HDA hoodie. If you haven’t heard it, open your ears and listen here:


To all the people screaming “keep politics out of sports!!111!!!” First of all, eat shit. Second of all, you know even having the anthem in sports is political right? So is hosting Military nights and things like that – you’re making a political statement. Also to the racists screaming “you’re disrespecting on the flag by kneeling!!”. Kneeling is a form of protest which we have every right to in the Bill of Rights that you hold so dear when it comes to your gun rights. Look it up- Right to Protest. Also, did you know that according to the codes of the flag, it’s not supposed to be used as advertising or on any kind of clothing? Yeah, so that American Flag t-shirt you have is also disrespecting the flag. Read that here under “How NOT to Display the Flag”.

The reason why you can “keep politics out of sports” is because you have that privilege. Black people don’t have that privilege. Their lives are at risk just walking down the street. Read the words of J.T. Brown and how he’s been harassed in his own fucking sport because he’s black. Every single person who refuses to understand that this isn’t just politics, who refuse to understand that this is people’s everyday lives being fucked-up because of the system, everyone who ignores that is a privileged sack fo shit. LISTEN to the stories of black players and fans, stop living in your white privileged little bubble.

Anyway back to the game before I make myself even more upset.

This game is exactly what we need the Hawks to play like if we wanna go far. They were fast on the puck. They ripped Edmonton of their confidence early and that made all the difference. They showed up early, got themselves to 4-1 before the 2nd Period, and they were ready to keep it going.

I loved Alex Nylander in this game. This is the Nylander that I have been pulling for all season. If he keeps playing this dirty aggressive game, I’m gonna be in-fucking-love because this is what I always wanted from him. He knocked Kassian on his ass and I – just watch:

Beauty, Grace, he’ll punch you in the face. 

Next, Kubalik. Every time I write about the Hawks, I end up bumping this guy because he’s so fucking good. Today, he set the record for most points in a playoff debut with 5. The kid is just unstoppable. After they beat the Blues, I said that if Kubalik keeps this up, he could steal the Calder, and if he keeps playing this elevated way he’s gonna do it.

Our main guys were on fire today, Crawford stood on his head. The team gets their first playoff win in 1,561 days. Overall, I’ll take it to start a playoff run where no one took us seriously. Did we get a little sloppy towards the end? Yeah, but Edmonton woke up a bit and were able to get within 2. Other than that, I liked the way we played today. The next one is August 3rd at 9:30PM CT. Be there or be square because we’re gonna do it again.

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