NWHL Announces Plans and Timeline for Next Season

We might have to wait a little longer for the NWHL’s 6th season, but trust me when I say that it’ll all be worth it.

The NWHL announced yesterday that the 6th season will not start in November like they originally planned. Practices will start with optional skates in late September but official practice won’t beguin until October 19th. 

The 2021 season will begin in January and have a total of 20 season regular games, then the Isobel Cup finals. The All-Star game will take place after the Isobel Cup has been awarded instead of midseason per usual. They made statements about how they’re going to take safety precautions very seriously with Corona and all. I believe them on that because after how the NWSL went, I trust the NWHL to have that same success.

Definetly going to be an interesting season especially with a fresh new team north of the border. This offseason we’ve seen a lot of new, fresh talent coming into the league.

The Connecticut Whale have, IMO, the most improves roster of this offseason. They went out and got some pieces they’ve been missing. Plus, new unis? Fire. Boston is still going to be deadly out there. They just drafted and signed the first overall pick after having a nearly undefeated season. They’re still the offensively efficient team we’ve seen over the past few seasons but now they’ve got some extra juice. I, of course, heavily back the Minnesota Whitecaps. Midwest represeeeent. The Caps have all-star goaltending and some lethal offense. I had them to win the Cup this year but ya know Rona.

I’m also super excited to see the Toronto Six in action. A lot of the players they’ve scooped up are great but I never wanna judge how they’re gonna fair until I see them actually play together.

So we might have to wait a while longer for some NWHL hockey but it’s gonna be worth it in the end. Women’s hockey is gonna be on another level this year. They’re finally getting the platform they deserve so I suspect that this will be the NWHL’s most popular season yet.

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