I Hesitate To Say This- But Hawks Are Back

I’m sitting in my south side garage, watching a Chicago dog, watching the Blackhawks shitkick the St. Louis Blues. My life has never been better.

I hate having hope but screw it. The Blackhawks are beating the Blues with 3 to go but I do have to say it. We’re back, baby.

Sure it’s exhibition game and we will really know if this team can handle their own come Saturday but I am liking what I’m seeing.

Crawford is out there with the team. He played for a bit and really did well. We saw some of the steady Crow that the Hawks so desperately fucking need most days becasue the defense won’t woke up. Crow faced 11 shots and stopped em all before Malcolm Subban came in. Wanna know what, Subban did well. He stood his ground, he stopped every shot. He was on and I love it.

3 different scorers on 4 goals. The Saadfather opened it up early and got the Hawks to the energetic start we need. Then my boy Dylan Strome got a sneaky little tip-in with a pass from Kaner – ya love to fuckin see it.

But the HERO of the day, sorry Crow, our rookie up for the Calder Dominik Kubalik had 2 goals, both on the powerplay, and an assist. I had my reservations about Kubalik’s Calder run but if he keeps playing like this, he just might be able to edge out Makar and Hughes. 

WE. ARE. BACK. BABY. Get me my clown makeup and jersey, I’m riding the fucking wave all the way to the final. We Kane, we Shaw, we Crawford. Get on board.


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