First Goal Back: Conor Sheary Puts Up First Return-To-Play Goal

Okay, we’re back back now baby.

Conor Sheary of the Pittsburgh Penguins has scored the first goal in the NHL bubble. A little sneaky pass from Jake Guentzel to Sheary’s stick and past Carter Hart.

Ya. Love. To. See. It. (Unless you’re a Flyers fan)

This is Sheary’s 7th playoff goal in his career and what a way to start the RTP. This is Guentzel’s first game since December 30th. He got his shoulder destroyed on a hit and it was predicted that his season was over but Rona had other plans.

With Guentzel off to a hot start and the first goal of the Bubble, we’re gonna see Penguins fly.

[I just finished this blog and Couturier scored so congrats it’s 1-1]

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