WNBA Is Excelling On ESPN Showing That It’s TIME For Women’s Sports

An absolutely PRIME example of when you give women’s leagues exposure, IT GROWS THE GAME.

So gatekeepers of all sports, suck my ass, these women are killing it.

I, admittedly, don’t know too much about basketball. I played when I was younger and I know the basics but when it comes to pro basketball, I’m not well versed. But here is what I do know:

I enjoy the WNBA so much more than the NBA.

I’ve watched quite a few games for each and I enjoy the WNBA’s play a hell of a lot better than the NBA’s. The NBA is too flashy and self-centric for me. Don’t even get me started on the slap fights. It’s the same reason I don’t watch MLS, I just get pissed off at either lazy officiating or some of the theatrics.

Women’s leagues operate off pure love for the game. They don’t do it to be a millionaire or famous, they do it because they love the game and they want to build a sustainable league for the generations to follow. That love and drive make the game so much better than millionaires running around out there, not really giving a shit. Sure, they love their sport but it’s different.

For example, I’ve seen plenty of live NHL games but some of the best, passionate, creative hockey I ever saw was when I saw the PWHPA live in Chicago last year. I said in one of the blogs I wrote about it that you could feel how hard those women were working. They had something to prove.

Women belong in the big leagues.

Flash forward back to this past weekend, the WNBA’s success has proven that there is a HUGE market for women’s sports. I mean look at the stats above, and on top of that ESPN is expanding the WNBA’s season. The league will be playing an additional 13 games between August 15th to September 10th. The demand is there, the talent is there – across several leagues and countries. It’s just a matter of when one company is gonna step up and give these women what they’re due. And I’ll be right here fighting for them the whole way.

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Featured Image: Phelan M. Ebenhack/Associated Press

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