NHL Players Are in Hub Cities – Go Time +Other NHL News Because Today Was Busy

First and foremost, RIP to the great Eddie Shack. Shack was not only a great player, but the man also had a personality larger than life. I highly recommend his interview with the Spittin’ Chiclets boys because he was a great storyteller and had so much to share.

Next up, the Arizona Coyotes lost their GM John Chayka. Chayka terminated his contract earlier today and released this statement:

There are a number of theories as to why he dipped. Craig Morgan delved into the numerous rumors about what happened in his article here.

IMO, I never liked Chayka. He always seemed slimy to me, I specifically wasn’t a fan of his comments about Dylan Strome. He just seemed like a GM who didn’t really give a shit about the players or organization. It felt like he was Elmer’s gluing a roster together. That’s all in my opinion though. I do see some comedic irony in his statement about Dylan now. You can’t build a career as a GM on hope, Chayka, we see who is NHL worthy now.

Anyway, I’ll stop being petty.

The BEST news of all today was NHL players FINALLY getting to their bubble cities. It was nice to have another boost of hockey content. The bubble itself looks insane, literally like a big summer camp.

Every team I’ve seen so far has had someone bring a guitar so I am dubbing this all “Camp Rock”. Tyson Jost will lead the way through because he has a ukelele. I want someone to keep count of each player who plays Wonderwall so I don’t draft them in Fantasy Hockey next season (looking at you, Duchene).

In the coming days, we’re going to be seeing even more hockey and before you know it, we’re back in business. The NWSL just finished their tournament (sadly, Chicago lost) and they were able to pull it all off. I hope the NHL can do the same. 

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