Captain Anthony Rizzo Looking Out for His Fellow Man

Cubs baseball is BACK! And one man I missed more than anything was Captain (officially but not officially, ya feel) Anthony Rizzo. Rizz was out there being good guy #1 on the field.

Before the game even began, Rizzo posted pictures of various player with signs made by children from Lourie Children’s Hospital. His whole Instagram story is full of some adorable signs so go check that out here. This is my personal favorite.

Now to the actual game, Rizzo put aside the rivalry between the Brewers and the Cubs to hand out some hand sanitizer, making sure everyone is safe and healthy. He’s here to play all 60, no fuckin around. 

Rizz also shagged a banger out to right not long after. I’ll sew a C on his chest myself, on God. Bless you Rizzo, God(s) bless you.

1-0, 59 wins away from a perfect season. We can do it.

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Featured Image: Barstool

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