Opening Day Starts With A Rain-Delay Because 2020

Yeah, sure, why not.

Opening day was off to a hot start- correction: following the first pitch from Fauci, it’s hard to start things off hot.

The national anthem gave me chills as all the players were linked together around the field by a thick black band (or rope? Teather?). They also kneeled as one before the anthem. I got chills rewatching it, ya love to see that. Players also have Black Lives Matter patches on their sleeves.

Before I get to the actual play, let me add that if you’re bitching about players kneeling before the anthem or during, and you’ve also scream about how peaceful protesting is fine but you’re against anything else, kneeling is peaceful protesting. They have every right to kneel during the anthem. This isn’t making sports “political”, these people are literally fighting for equal rights, the right to live without fear. I’ve said before that I stand with Black Lives Matter and the straight-up hypocritical ignorance is annoying as shit. Take 10 seconds to be a human being and assume life in someone else’s shoes. Worrying isn’t it.

So if you’re bitching about the kneeling, you can take your opinion and shove it up your ass.

Now, the baseball game. Well, the half of it.

As for actual baseball by people who have thrown a ball more than once (Sorry Fauci), the season started great. The Yankees put up 2 runs in the first and the Nationals answered with their lone point. The National’s two other runs came in the 3rd and 5th. It was actual, competitive baseball. Not pre-season or a complete blowout, there was energy to it.

We saw 5 complete innings of baseball today but hey it’s better than nothing. It’s the most 2020 ending to the first real baseball game we’ve seen. Tomorrow, my Cubbies are back and I can’t wait to watch! The season is heating up everybody, hang on tight!

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