NHL Locker Rooms are Setting a “Dress Code” For RTP Games

Originally, NHL teams had no dress code but the NHL also hates fun and personality so, here we are. So far, the Stars and Wild will have a dress code for gameday. The Wild have an actual set attire. They’ll all wear matching polos (gross).

The Stars are allowing a little individuality but I don’t like the “no ripped jeans or hats” rule. How the fuck is Roope Hintz supposed to be an IG model if he can’t have a hat on? I’m disappointed that we won’t see the cowboy looks of the Winter Classic. 

stars wc

If the Stars walked into every game like this we wouldn’t lose a single fucking game. Without a doubt. So Benny-boy, if you see this one, bring these looks back by Captain’s Orders. Also, have a pajama day, it’ll boost morale.

I hope no other teams place “dress codes” specifically the more youthful ones, like Toronto or Colorado (SEE: Header Photo of Nylander, William). Fans love to see the personality and individuality that comes with seeing these guys’ styles. I mean, come on, I wanna see David Pastrnak, NHL’s Best Dressed, bust a fit that isn’t a suit. Starting August 1st, I want to see the flyest fits. I wanna see less “business casual” and more “GQ Stylin'”.

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