NHL Censoring the Return-to-Play Broadcasts – MALARKEY!

tenor (4)

Basically, we’re going to have mute hockey games because there is no way in hell they’re going to catch half the swears that are said.

The NHL is going to be censoring the Return-to-Play games when they are live-streamed from the hub cities.

I’ll be the first one to say that I hate this. I’m not a big censorship person, kids are gonna hear swearing in the world regardless, why should they be heavily sheltered from things like swearing. The NHL really going out of their way to censor games is annoying to me. The gaps in the audio are always just awkward and they’re going to have to press the bleep button quite a bit.

During normal live games, you can still hear swearing even over the crowd noise. Sure, it will be more prevalent now but I say just leave it in there. To block out every single swear, it’ll be more like them muting the games. Be cool and leave it in there, I wanna hear some creative swearing, danmit.

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