Go to Sleep With NHL Training Camp Videos That Sooth My Soul

Most people do “Wake Up With” but I am never waking up with those posts, I’m just going to sleep. Right now though is the normal time people go to sleep, not me, I’m nocturnal. So to help you relax before bed, I’ll give you 3 of my favorite training camp videos that we’ve seen so far.

Firstly, this video of the Leaf’s power-play unit. I don’t know why but the first pass from Matthews to Marner puts my mind at peace. Seriously, so silky smooth. 

Next up, the Blackhawks skating a lap.

I’m from Chicago so of course, I have a Hawks video at hand. I’m gonna need to put the old school “Here Come The Hawks” song over this because that’s the vibe I get from them.

For this last one, just turn on the volume and enjoy the dulcet sounds of hockey. (And Jamie Benn’s laugh but that’s for me, personally)


Hockey is close, we have exhibition games at the end of the month. Am I extremely worried about the health and wellbeing of every single player? Yes, all of the time. That’s never going to go away but it will be nice to have some hockey back in my life. The last few days of hockey content have made me feel better than I’ve felt since March 13th.

But let’s not worry about later this month right now. Now is the sleepy time so good night!

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Featured Image: Screenshot from Stars' Tweet

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