Hold Onto Your Hats: The PWHPA’s Season Is Gonna Kick-Ass

Y’all ready for some women’s hockey because I sure as hell am!

The PWHPA is growing more and more every single day. For a while, I was giving almost daily updates on who signed or re-signed with the organization. Now, there are almost 90 players signed up with the PWHPA and you can find a full list of them here. There is so much talent and promise filling this league, between new players and returning ones. I seriously can’t wait to see how their first second season unfolds!

Right now, instead of divulging into every name and stat of the players who were signed (even though I happily could) I want to tell you about 3 players that you should keep an eye on.

1. Kacey Bellamy

Perhaps one of the best defenders of her time, Kacey Bellamy is a smart puck-moving defenseman with a resume to back her skill. At just 33 years old, she’s got 8 world championship Gold medals, 1 WC Silver medal, 1 Olympic gold medal, 2 silvers, 3 CWHL Championship titles, and 1 NWHL title under her belt and she’s ready for more. This will be her second tour with the PWHPA and I have high expectations for what she is going to do for her team. No matter where she ends up, she’ll be a powerhouse.

2. Deziray De Sousa

Heading into her first PWHPA season, Deziray De Sousa is a 22-year-old forward from Boston University. In her final season, she put up 20 points in 36 games. Around mid-November, last season, De Sousa lit up and went on a 4 game tear, putting up 6 assists in that time. Wherever she lands, she’ll do well as a 2nd or 3rd line forward to add support and stability.

3. Hayley Scamurra

Another returning PWHPA player, and the newest signing, Hayley Scamurra is set for round two with this organization. Scamurra left the Buffalo Beauts in 2019 to join the PWHPA. In her final season in Buffalo, she put up 20 points (10G 10A) in 16 games and 2 points (2A) in 2 playoff games. Great on both sides of the puck, tough as nails, and a high hockey IQ. At just 25-years-old, wherever Scamurra goes, luck and prosperity follow. I’d want her on my team, that’s for damn sure.

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