Travis Hamonic Is First NHL Player to Opt-Out of Season Resume

“Earlier this evening Travis called me to inform us that he has decided to opt-out of the NHL Return to Play Program. Travis explained that due to family considerations, he has made the difficult decision not to participate in the Stanley Cup Qualifier and Playoffs. While we will miss Travis in our line-up, we understand and respect his decision. Our focus remains on preparation for training camp and our upcoming series in the NHL Qualifying Round.”

– Flames GM Brad Treliving in Flames official statement (x)

The first NHL player to opt-out of playoffs has been announced. Travis Hamonic, a defenseman with the Flames, has decided to stay home when the season resumes.

You can’t blame him for this. The guy has every right to not return so don’t even think about giving this guy shit for it. There is a literal global pandemic happening, it’s gotta be a stressful decision. Hamonic has a family to worry about, last season he missed two games while his daughter was in the hospital. He even talked in this interview about how he wants to be around for his little girl. (I just read it and I’m a ball of tears.)

I think we’ll see more players opting out before Monday’s deadline but kudos to Travis to stepping up first and I wish him all the best.

UPDATE: Here is a statement from Travis Hamonic via his agency.

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