Daily Reminder that Jonathan Toews is the Real Mayor of Chicago

Nothing is better than seeing first NHL goals and Jonathan Toews has one of the best. Look at just how sick Toews has been since he was young. He one man threads his way between 3 Avalanche and slides it right past the goalie. All on his own.

Oh Captain, my Captain.

What also gets me is the announcer’s words. I can’t tell who’s talking but they say: “This is the kind of talent that can bring a franchise back from the dead.” And BOY WAS HE RIGHT. Captain of 3 Stanley Cup-winning teams, 943 NHL games with 345 goals and 470 assists for 815 points in the regular season. Then in the postseason, he’s got 40 goals, 70 assists for 110 points in 128 playoff games.

I’d follow Toews into war. Even on my lowest days, having a nice Jonathan Toews goal and looking at my Stanley Cup photos just makes me feel like a winner at heart.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from NHL Tweet

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