If Hotel X Doesn’t Have A Prank War, Imma Be So Disappointed

The NHL Restart draws more near every day and with today’s wave of information – we have which teams will be staying in what hotels. This is one of those let chaos reign moments that I, personally, live for.

I’m here to focus on Hotel X because that -in my mind- is going to be where the entertainment is at. Once again, Hotel X (in Toronto) has the Boston Bruins, Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

First of all, ya gotta love the Crosby/Ovechkin and/or Penguins Capitals rivalry. NOW add in a hotel… You thinking what I’m thinking?

But it’s not just Caps vs Pens – the Flyers are there too. The Penguins’ other big rivals. If the Flyers and Caps join forces, they can win the Prank war, kinda like America and France in the Revolution. It seems like total doom.

But there is one more opponent.

The Bruins.

The Boston Bruin’s roster has more chaotic energy than any major league roster. They have the NHL’s God of Chaos Brad Marchand. Whether the Bruins decide to be an independent force of mayhem or join a side in this Prank War, will determine the outcome. I can see the Bruins wreaking havoc on their own. The question of, can the Bruin’s Chaotic Energy be beaten remains unsolved. It’s unlikely that the Penguins, Flyers, and Capitals, would set aside their rivalries and take down the beast but if it came to that would they even be successful?

There is the Lightning of course but I see them more in the middle of this whole thing like the middle sibling just saying:

tenor (2)

I will say that if I don’t see a SINGLE prank pulled during this whole thing I will be so damn disappointed in every single one of them. This would be the perfect opportunity to heighten the emotions on any side. Should the NHL like to create more entertainment, I will offer my services. I’ll pull random pranks on different players and just point the finger at someone else. You want a bucket of water leaning against Ovechkin’s door with exactly 87 ice cubes? That can be arranged. 

Then, I’ll disappear into the night and no one would be the wiser. So Bettman, the contact page is above bruh. 

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Featured Image: NHL.com

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