We’re Gonna Have 6 Hockey Games A Day


(Barring no massive outbreak)

NHL Hockey talks have taken huge steps forward the past few days. Protocol for Phases 3 and 4 have been ironed out – for the most part. A CBA extension will be ratified as a Memo of Understanding in the coming days, as long as there is a Return To Play policy with it. Last night, the NHLPA’s Exec Board approved and sent it to the NHLPA membership. Starting today the players will vote and we’ll find out if they agree within the coming days.

I feel like the biggest take away is that the NHL can actually come to conclusions quickly rather than taking months to get shit done.

Anyway, we have the dates for the NHL setting things in motion but once again, it’s a fine line that every action takes. Training camp is set to start July 13th, then teams will head up to Toronto or Edmonton and begin quarantine there on July 26th. Finally, if all goes smoothly then August 1st games will begin. This is all subject to if players stay healthy. The NHL has had 35 players test positive before they even get to their hub cities – aaaand players have already been spotted out at clubs.

This season will 100% be a shitshow, regardless. I’d rather it be canceled and we just move on to next season, as I’ve said a few times, but if we’ll have 6 hockey games a day- I’ll watch 6 hockey games a day.

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