Hockey News! We Got New CBA Details

Good news: hockey update. Bad news: A lot of it is about economics.

I posted a blog like 20 minutes ago about how we’re about to have 6 hockey games a day but now we got some new CBA details. First of all: We might have the Olympics back in 2022 and 2026 – fuck yeah. Escrow will decrease over the next few years. The escrow part confuses me so I’ll give you the info straight from the horse’s mouth – the horse being Bob McKenzie.

As I said, the public school system failed me because I don’t know shit about economics or even what escrow is. I know it protects the owner’s investment in the team and players have to pay it back. There is a joke in Friends about it- that’s about all I’ve ever known. It sounds like a french crow.


Toronto and Edmonton are for sure going to be hub cities. As we heard before, the families of teams in the Conference finals and Stanley Cup finals will be able to go to the team – family of club staff will not. The location of both finals is TBD but the Stanley Cup final will be around September 20th to October 2nd. The tentative draft date will be October 6th. Right after that, Free Agency (wonderful stress) and the next season will start before we know it.

We’ll see entry-level contracts go up in maximums and the league’s minimum salary will go up between now and the end of this CBA in 2026.

Some of this info we knew but some we haven’t heard yet. It just solidifies the seasons that is on the way. There is much more to be ironed out so keep it here for updates! But if the NHL could not announce these when I’m trying to eat, I’d appreciate that. 

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