Blackhawks Aren’t Changing Their Logo and Name – Surprising No One

The Blackhawks have released a statement saying that they will be keeping their name and logo – which literally comes as surprise to no one. I didn’t think the Blackhawks would really go and change their name. Scott Powers just released an article that showed both sides of the argument for and against a name change. The article also has more about the backstory of the name. You can read it here, it’s actually really informative so I suggest you do. But the Blackhawks have been adamant about keeping the name so once again, no shock that it’s here to stay.

There was seriously not a single second where I thought that the team would change their name. I didn’t think the Wirtz family would go for it, or any of the upper management would actually go for this. Unless – like in Washington – United or another big sponsor steps in and wants to terminate their partnership because of the name and logo, I don’t think the team will change their name anytime soon.

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