Nothing Goes As Hard as the NHL’s 1995 Awards Opening

I can’t believe in my 20 years of breathing, I have never seen this before. Someone tweeted out how it was the 25th anniversary of the 1995 NHL Awards and there was a gif of this opening number. I saw maybe 5 seconds so I, of course, went over to YouTube and found the whole thing.

Let me tell you that this is the best video I have ever seen on the internet. The choreography, the remix, the jerseys. All of it 100/10. Not to mention that the lyrics explain all of the awards and what they’re for. You can knock how corny or “cringy” it is but the NHL has not had a better opening sequence since this happened. 

I don’t care for hosts trying to be funny or roast players- I want this. Even better, put the players in the performance. It would be a beautiful shitshow. I expect the 2021 Awards (because the 2020 ones are not gonna be in person) to have this level of excellent energy. If not, hell has no place Bettman can hide from me.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from YouTube

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