Watch Lindsey Horan Score An Amazing Header

I’ve said once or twice that I don’t know jack about soccer but I’m here to support. So bare with me if I mess up any lingo here.

The NWSL is hosting their Challenge Cup in Utah right now and some clips coming out of it are insane. But this goal by Lindsey Horan might be my favorite. She scores a goal, off her head, from a 20 (?) feet from the net. She literally leaps off the ground and sails the ball up to the top bar and in. It’s insane, I’ve watched it 20 times.

In that same match, there was also this assist when Ashly Sanchez sends the ball into play from behind her back.

Why don’t more people talk about women’s soccer? This is amazing. The next game is July 8th at 11:30AM CT and 9PM CT over on Twitch. I’m going to be watching – confused and barely knowing the rules but I’ll be watching.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from NWSL Tweet

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