Hockey is Sitting In A Weird Middle Ground

The word on the street is hockey could be back around July 13th BUT even more positive COVID tests are popping up in the NHL.

We have found the murky middle ground.

Today, Pierre LeBrun said that, basically, a new CBA will come with the Return to Play policy. So bottom line is the vote for the new CBA will be the same vote on a RTP policy.

In the same breath, the Blues aren’t practicing right now because of new positive COVID tests.

I’ve been for scraping this season and start new later this year and this is one reason why. More teams are going to face additional sick players and staff while the NHL scrambles to make sense of what the hell they’re doing. The Cup is not worth it. It’s another set back and another risk. New positive tests with the NHL forcing a Return to Police policy just furthers the point of that NHL Restart isn’t worth it. Wait till the fall and start all over. It’s not that bad.

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Featured Image: Hockey News

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