Connecticut Whale Are Going All in This Season

The Connecticut Whale have been left in the dust the past few seasons. They’re the only team without an Isobel Cup title but this year, they’re making it their year.

So far this off-season, the Whale have signed 8 forwards, 5 defensemen, and 2 goalies so for, totaling to 15 of 25 players signed so far.

This includes Kayla Friesen, the Whales’ 2nd overall draft pick this season. Friesen is coming from Clarkson University where last season she put up 30 points (10G 20A) in 28 games her senior season.  The 22-year-old forward will fit in well with a player like Amanda Conwayanother newly drafted Whale who is going to dominate this league. The array of new players, both fresh out of college and coming from other leagues/teams are going to help keep consistency on the ice and help pull out wins.

BUT the Whale have one more thing that you need to win. Motive.

Their captain Shannon Doyle announced that this will be her final season in the NWHL and she wants to go out with a championship.

Now that’s something worth fighting for. That is exactly what you need to power yourself to victory. One last run, one last championship to go out on a high.

If the Whale keep playing their cards right – like with the draft- and stay motivated, we could see them dethrone previous winning teams and take over the NWHL this season. I wouldn’t count them out at all.

What I’ll also add is could you IMAGINE the Whale making it to the Isobel Cup Finals and facing a team like the new Toronto Six? It would be such a “Caps vs Vegas”-esque rivalry that we saw in 2018. The new kids in town take on a team that’s fighting to win it for their captain. And remember how that one turned out Whale fans. 

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Featured Image: Matthew Raney/NWHL

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