Top 3 4AM Snacks I’ve Eaten This Week

I’ll bet money I’ve got some diagnosable insomnia. This is the 3th day in a row where I can’t sleep at all, and sure that’s not usual for me. Most of my personality is being overcaffeinated but today, I’ve had no coffee today, drank water, I was being healthy (minus my two McDoubles for dinner). Plus I didn’t sleep much last night so that should reset the clock if I lay down at 10, right?

No. We both got bamboozled on that one.

So once more, here we are. It is 4AM and I’m binging YouTube videos while looking for a snack. This isn’t the first time this week I’ve been in this situation. Usually, one of the best snacks is chips. Any hour, any day. Another folly of my family is the lack of chips we keep in this house. So off the bad – 4AM chips are out.

Therefore, I gotta get crafty. Warning – every single one of these snacks involves dairy so if that’s not good for you – please for the love of God(s) don’t eat this stuff.

Anyway, let’s begin:

3. Butter and Cheese Sandwich with Salt

Ingredients: Bread (any kind), cheese (Pref. American), butter, and salt (a bit)

Easy sandwich. Simple, just a sandwich with butter and cheese but if you sprinkle in some salt. Magnifique. Great snack to eat at 4AM because it’s filling and simple. There’s no big prep, just a simple little sandwich. 

2. Salad without Lettuce

Ingredients: Shredded cheese, croutons, tomato, salad dressing (Pref. ranch)

Wanna know the least flavorful part of a salad? The lettuce – especially iceberg. It’s crunchy water. So wanna know what you do? Yeet the lettuce. Just mix ranch, cheese, some croutons, and if you’re adventurous, maybe some tomatoes, into a normal bowl and bone app the teeth. A little “Salad” before bed.

  1. Corn in A Cup

One of my top 5 foods ever is corn in a cup. If you’ve never eaten corn in a cup – get off this blog right now and either go make some or buy it from a Mexican Restaurant. Here is a receipt, it’s not hard but I recommend buying it because my sorry ass can’t cook (as you can tell from this whole blog). And although there is no “cooking” to corn in a cup, I still prefer to get them from someone who knows how to make a damn good mix – not my Irish ass.

This is actually what I just snacked on and wanna know what? When it’s late at night and you’re in a YouTube rabbit hole thinking “what the actual hell am I doing with my life?” a cup of corn and dairy products are comforting companions.

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