PWHPA and USPHL to Play Exhibition Games

Not only will we be getting the NWHL and PWHPA seasons this year but we’ll be getting a special treat. This time we’ll see the PWHPA’s best take on the USPHL’s NCDC (college men) teams in an exhibition series. The PWHPA will play each of the NCDC teams once. All 13 NCDC teams are located in the New England area of the US whereas for the PWHPA there is one hub in New Hampshire.

This is going to be amazing not only for women’s hockey- but for the college-aged kids that they’ll face. It’ll be intense hockey on both sides and I am stoked to watch. We don’t have dates just yet for when the games will be but I know I’ll watch all of them for sure.

The USHPL commissioner, Richard Gallant, said:

“To bring young men and women together to showcase their talents in front of a wide audience of aspiring young players and fans will create lasting memories for all involved. The USPHL is a proud supporter of the PWHPA and we look forward to maintaining this relationship in the years to come.” (x)

For the PWHPA, that’s an amazing sponsor to have. Stick around Ham Sports for updates on these exhibition games as they come but for now, support women’s hockey.

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Featured Image: Tony Parla/ PWHPA

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