LET THE CHAOS CONTINUE: A Play-In Team Gets The First Overall Pick

Can the NHL get any fucking weirder?! It DID!

A play-in team will get the first overall pick in the 2020 Draft. Not even a team that is out of the season already. This is INSANE. What are the chances that a play-in team gets the first overall pick, in a delayed season because of a global pandemic?

As for picks 2-8 we got:

2. LA

3. Ottawa

4. Detroit (Ouchhh)

5. Ottawa

6. Anaheim

7. New Jersey

8. Buffalo

RIP Detroit fans. You missed playoffs before they year was even close to over and now you’re out the first pick. 

This is just straight-up crazy. Wanna know what else is crazy?

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Featured Image: Tenor

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