2021 Women’s Hockey Worlds Will Be In Nova Scotia


Pack your bags, we’re going to Nova Scotia next year. (Note to self: Get Passport)

The IIHF just announced that the 2021 Women’s World Hockey Championship will be hosted in Halifax and Truro, Nova Scotia. Originally, the Championship was supposed to be held from March 31st to April 10th but, ya know, COVID.

Now, the 2021 Worlds will be held between April 7th-17th. Group A will have Canada, US, Finland, Russia, and Switzerland. Group B will have Japan, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, and Hungary. This is going to be a fantastic competition.

The US are the reigning champions, not a big deeeaall, and I expect great things from them in this next tournament. I mean look at the team that we usually have assembled. It doesn’t matter who we’re facing or where the US is taking the W. I’m totally applying for my passport now and you bet your ass I’ll be at those games.

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Featured Image: Mikko Stig / AFP/Getty Images

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