Shannon Doyle Doing One Last Tour in the NWHL

Captain Shannon Doyle has announced that this will be her final season in the NWHL. The 6 season veteran has been with the league since its formation but she just said that this upcoming season will be her last.

She said that this season she wants to chase the Isobel Cup like never before.

“Winning the Cup, for me personally, would really be a nice bookend or closure on a huge piece of my life,” 

Doyle has put up 36 points in her 6 NWHL seasons. She captained the team this past season and led them wise to the semifinals. The Whale have been a little unstable but with the signing they’ve made this off season, I hope they make a Cup run. Doyle has been a pillar in the NWHL and I hope she can finish it up with a bang.

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Featured Image: Matthew Raney

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