One Week After Phase 2 Opens Up, At Least 6 People Have COVID

Has it even been a week? I don’t know but I have my official stance – cancel the fucking season.

I’ve tried to be optimistic, I’ve tried to see the positive but now, within the first week or two of just practicing, this has happened. These aren’t the only players who have tested positive. Auston Matthews has tested positive. A number of players have been diagnosed with COVID in Arizona as well. I’ve said it time and time again, it’s better to be safe than sorry with this. What if it was a player with diabetes or asthma? This virus hits those people harder. Someone can lose their fucking life and this game ain’t worth it.

Just waiting this out and be safer and better in the long run. The Phillies just announced infected players. Take a time out and wait this out. It’s people’s lives we’re playing with here.

Also to the guy who wrote about Matthews’ personal health without his consent, you’re a slimy, disgusting son of a bitch. Fuck you.

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