Nate MacKinnon And Gabe Landeskog Are Skating So Here is Your Reminder that the Avs Are A Wagon

Mom if you see this, I’m joking. 

The Avalance are back on the ice today and look who we have here. It’s Gabe Landeskog and Nate MacKinnon running some drills. I feel like now is the best time to remind you all that Nate MacKinnon was on a TEAR and he was finally going to hit 100 points this season until Corona hit. He was at 69 (nice) games with 93 points (35G 58A) while Landy was at 44 points (21G 23A) in 54 games played.

Both Landy and Mac were among the top 5 on the team in points (Nate was leading) so it’s good to see them both healthy and out there.

I’ve been talking all season about how the Avs have a huge chance at the Cup. Not only are they stacked upfront but the depth on this team is great. Even when their top players were down with injury, the line up still kept the boat above water and lit it up. I’ve literally been praising their lineup all season on not only consistency but growth. This Avs roster is special so when hockey is back, keep your eyes on them.

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Featured Image: Screeenshot from Avs Twitter video

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