Mid-Monday Pick Me Up: Jamie Benn Pumbling Josh Anderson and Matt Calvert

Today has been weird and I’m currently waiting for another delivery job so why don’t we sit back, relax, and watch Jamie Benn go Beast Mode. First of all, we got the Anderson v Benn bout that I love. I literally have it on a t-shirt. This is the first half of Jamie Benn – tough, ruthless, captaincy. 

Then we have the Calvert fight where we see is the other side of Benn. Where Jamie is his petty, joking self and I live for that shit too. I love how he just dips and is like “nah, maybe later”. Then he comes back and just shuts Calvert’s shit down. 

This is the same guy who tilted the net up to get the puck. That’s just petty Jamie Benn and I love it. Anyway, I hope that boosted your Monday, this got my blood pumping for hockey to come back soon. I doubt we’ll see any scraps in the season’s remainder but I’ll take all the petty that I can get.

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