I Don’t Think We’ll See Roman Polak in Dallas Next Season

Looks like Roman Polak won’t be back in Dallas for the next season. The NHL? Maybe, but Dallas? Nah.

Sean Shapiro tweeted out an article from the Czech Republic that says Polak is going to try and stay over there. Polak’s contract with the NHL goes UFA at the end of this “season” and the one he signed over there is for next season. Polak doesn’t want to risk the injury, which after a scary chest injury this season, can you blame him? He said: “I can’t imagine playing games after just three weeks of practicing on the ice. I need two months to prepare, otherwise, there is a risk of an injury.” (x)

Polak also touched on how the remainder of his season kinda sucked in Dallas. He said he would question why he was there, especially after Stephen Johns came back. 

“When Stephen Johns started playing again after two-year break caused by concussions, they gave him big ice time. And told me and Andrej Sekera, that we will be rotating. I play one game, he play another game. It was difficult to find motivation, because there doesn’t matter how well or badly I play; I won’t play next game in any case. And Andrej had the same opinion as me.” (x)

Jim Nill just said that this is the first he heard of Polak not coming back. 

With Stephen Johns back, I’m not overly worried about what Polak leaving would do to the team. He fit in great and was the big tough guy Dallas needed. He was without a doubt a fan favorite but now that we have Stephen Johns back and a few good defensemen with the potential of picking one up- if needed- in the off-season, I’m not exactly in shambles if Polak doesn’t come back. I saw Polak as the big body on the blue line, there will be players that can fill that spot. Will it suck to see him go? Yeah, a little. I loved him as a part of this team but I can see us going on and having success without him, as harsh as that sounds.

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