Keep Your Ears Open: NWHL Riveters Have A Big Signing Coming

Keep your ears open babes, we got some big NWHL news coming soon.

This week, the Riveters are going to be making some big moves. First, Sam Walther will not be returning to the Riveters this upcoming season. Goalie Walther just finished her 2nd year in the NWHL. She played 22 games with a 3.74 GAA, a .892 save percentage, and an 8-10-3 record. A number of teams have already picked up 2 or 3 goalies but a few can really benefit from grabbing a goalie like Walther. The tweet doesn’t necessarily say that Sammy will be coming back to the NWHL so the PWHPA is possible as well.

Now for the other news.

BIG news for the Riveters. The other part of this thread is the player has an Isobel Cup to her name. I can’t find a list of players who have won the Cup (I’ll make one) but looking at these three lists, I can deduce a few players that this could be.

Who you can put is they’re not signed, they’re not a player who has been a career-long Whale, and they weren’t apart of the 2017-2018 Riveters. When the PWHPA started up, a huge chunk of players (about 200) jumped ship. I have narrowed it down to about 20 possible players. It varies in player position and age but it’s narrowed down a bit. I took out players that were signed elsewhere or signed to another NWHL team. If they’re refusing to a player from another team, it could be Corinne Buie. If it’s a player coming over form the PWHPA, that’s where the list gets even fuckin better. Players like Blake Bolden, Gigi Marvin, or Kendall Coyne-Schofieldhave yet to resign with the PWHPA. If the Rivs can get one of them, they’ll be off to the moon with another Cup title.

Keep your ears open out there everyone. I’ll be on the scanners giving you the latest.

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