JK Rowling Is The Worst so Here Is Who Really Wrote Harry Potter

Strike One: Sure, you messed up and said some shit. You learn and move on.

But Strike 2 of being a transphobic asshole? Pack yo shit, get out of my dugout.

ICYMI, JK Rowling was saying some pretty transphobic shit on Twitter the other day. Here is the thing, this isn’t the first time JK has ended up on the LGBT communities shitlist by being ignorant as hell.

Google is free, idiot. It costs $0 to not be an asshole. So we can all agree that this idiot sucks therefore I’m electing a new author of Harry Potter. He’s been right in front of us the whole time, grinding away at life. He deserves recognition. 

That man is Dobby, The Free Elf. Look at him, he’s made for a book tour. Funny, awkward enough to be adorable, and iconic as hell. He wrote the whole series and was dished as a side character.

I will even elect myself to change all of the names on the Harry Potter books from “J.K. Rowling” to “Dobby: The Free Elf”. 

This is how the revolution begins for Dobby.

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Featured Image: Photoshoped by me but originally from Know Your Meme

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