NHL & Teams Finally Release Statements Regarding Protests But Will They Stand Up and Help?

Singing: Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme, the NHL releases a vague statement.

Anyway, the NHL has released a statement regarding the protests and riots in the US and Canada right now. They encourage people to use their platforms and speak out. The NHL has put that on their players, they have left it to them to speak up. But the NHL gives no indication as to how the league is going to help. 

This is one of many statements that have been released this year where they’re basically saying “This is a bad thing!” but offering no help or how they are going to change. It’s bullshit and we’ve seen it from them for too long. They’re a national organization with a large reach and they keep hiding behind blanket statements and not involving themselves in the change.

Many NHL teams haven’t released a statement or spoke out. None, as far as I know, have given any indication as to how they’re helping. The Avalanche released a statement tonight but they’re a team that has displayed the Blue Lives Matter flag on their ice during a game. The problem with this is that flag is it has been used as a counter-movement to Black Lives Matter, people sometimes use it to say “blue lives matter more than black lives”. Some even see the flag as a fascist, racist symbol. The Avalanche’s use of that flag and not recognizing or talking about Black Lives Matter basically takes away any meaning from the statement they made today.

Honesty time? I’m disappointed in them, the NHL and their teams. Disappointed but not surprised. In the wake of recent stories that have been brought to light about racism in hockey, they said “we’ll continue to do better” but they haven’t offered a way as to how. They also applaud those for using their platform to speak out but they are not doing that themselves. 

Help be the change instead of sitting on your heels. 

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