4 New PWHPA Players and Who Else Is Returning

Here we are back for part 5 of this ongoing list of PWHPA players who are returning or entering the Association. I’m switching this up from past ones so let’s first get started with the newbies.

Joining the Association this season, we have Jamie Bourbonnais, Maddie Rooney, Lindsay Agnew, and Alex Poznikoff.

Bourbonnais is a defenseman from Cornell University where she played 33 games in her senior season and put up 41 points. Rooney is a goaltender from Univ. of Minnesota-Duluth and in her senior season, she put up a .929 save percentage with a 2.06 GAA in 35 games. Lastly, there are the forwards, Agnew and Poznikoff. Agnew is coming from Boston College. In her last season, she put up 15 points in 35 games. Poznikoff is coming from the Univ. of Alberta where in her final season, she played in 18 games and had 24 points.

These women are starting their professional hockey careers so this is a big-time for them. I’m excited to see all of them bring their best to pro hockey.

As for returning players, this is where the list gets longer. Because they are returning players and the PWHPA did not record their player’s games played or point totals last year, I am just going to highlight their age and position:

Meghan Turner – 25 years-old, forward

Laura Stacey – 26 years-old, forward

Maude Gelinas – 28 years-old, forward

Brianna Decker – 29 years-old, forward (centre)

Demi Crossman – 25 years-old, forward

Jacquie Greco – 29 years-old, defenseman

Sarah Nurse – 25 years-old, forward

Katelyn Gosling – 27 years-old, defenseman

Jocelyne Larocque – 32 years-old, defenseman

A lot of these players have made big names for themselves in the hockey world already. Having all of them back will be big for the WPA. 

This list is as of May 30th, 2020. So far, there are 34 players registered to the PWHPA. They need to fill 5 rosters of 22+ players so expect more in the coming days. If you’ve missed any other players signed, you can find me talking about them here:

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Featured Image: Shanna Martin

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