Eichel Ain’t Messin’ Around Now

Jack Eichel is sick of losing and he’s not going to lie about it to no one.

I mean, we all get where the guy is coming from. He’s been putting up astounding numbers with a team that has won less than 40 games a season for 5 years straight – they’ve only won 156 of 410 games played in those 5 years. And that is for sure not Eichel’s fault. In his 4 of 5 seasons, he’s led the team in points. The only year he didn’t lead them was his rookie season where he finished 4 points behind Ryan O’Reilly. If I was him, I’d be pissed but I’d just be so fucking tired.

In 354 games, Eichel has 337 points and a -60. He’s not the issue in Buffalo but I hope to God(s) they get him some help or get him the hell out of there to somewhere where he has support.

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Featured Image: Sportsnet

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