Gator Catcher Who Got “Chance the Snapper” Saves The Day Again

“I think he wanted to go for a space flight personally. A gator in space is something we are missing,” – Frank Robb earlier today

Today, SpaceX was supposed to have a historic launch but due to weather, that launch was canceled. This wasn’t SpaceX’s only problem today.

If you recall, back in July of 2019, an alligator was found in the Humboldt Park Lagoon in Chicago. We called the gatorChance the Rapper” and he was eventually caught by alligator expert Frank Robb aka Gator Robb.

Gator Robb came in and saved the day again.

At the SpaceX launch pad, an alligator parked itself on one of the launch pads and Robb was called in to get him out of there. When he’s not out there catching alligators in Chicago Lagoons, he’s usually working with NASA to get any other gators that wander onto the property.

The legend of Gator Robb continues to grow as he keeps saving the day and catching the Gators.


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Featured Image: NY TIMES

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