Can We All Agree That MTV Sucks Now?

There is a Twitter account (@ MTVSchedule) that sends out the MTV schedule every week and can we all just agree, at this point, that MTV is the WORST now? Look at the schedule for this week: 

Why the 𝓕 𝓾 𝓬 𝓴 would anyone want to watch that much Ridiculousness? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Rob Dyrdek back in my day but I’d lose. My. Mind. If I had to listen to Chanel West Coach laugh all day.

What happened to the actually good MTV Shows? Remember Parental Control? That show was HILARIOUS! How about Girl Code? That show taught me more about life than any teacher I ever had. They had True Life, My Super Sweet Sixteen, Pimp My Ride, or Silent Library.

Teen Wolf was my favorite show for-eveeeerrr. I still have my posters and Dylan O’Brien Pillow (don’t ask) and even though the last few seasons were a shit show, it was still an amazing and iconic show.

Not to mention, Jersey Shore. That structured a generation. And now you’re keeping your company running for just a show that is basically TikTok without the annoying ass laugh. I mean the list goes on and on and on.

Plus, there is no Music on MTV anymore. Sure, they have the awards but they don’t just play random music so you can flip it on in the background. I feel so damn old when I have to say this but – back in my day MTV was actually fucking good. I used to watch it all the time when I was like 12-16 (2012-2016) and now, it’s just a wash-rinse-repeat and it sucks.

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