NHL Drops Their Next Step in Return To Play Protocols and I’m Up in the Air (Not Literally)

The NHL dropped the next phase of their Return to Play plan and up above is the gist of it. The NHL got me, an idiot, fucked up if they think Imma read 29 pages of print that is the size of my pinkey. If you want to read it, click here. So thanks Chris.

Now, apparently, this format wasn’t voted on by some of the people it matters to most. Devan Dubnyk, NHLPA representative of the Minnesota Wild, said that this Phase 2 plan wasn’t voted on by the PA. Dubnyk makes a fantastic point about how long this is actually going to take.

“Everything’s just been so hypothetical. So that’s what I’m hoping is going to come out of this now because we don’t want a situation where it seems like, ‘OK, everybody’s ready to go, let’s get back and play,’ and then all of a sudden guys are like, ‘Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. I’m not OK with that.’ And then it goes from like super-positive to super-negative. So that’s why we’ve got to talk about everything, and then have a vote once and for all.” (x)

I’ll be honest here, I’m at the point of saying fuck it, let’s just start fresh in September/October. We still have to get through this 6 player system and build up from there. Then you have to take in the draft and player resigning so we might as well just hold off, keep everyone safe, and then start up again in September. We’ve seen seasons canceled for a lot less worse and this is a global pandemic.

I wanted to see a return but with how things are now and for the safety of other people, I’d rather we just wait it out until September/October.

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