Yall Remember The Olsen Twin Mysteries?

It was about 6:30 this morning when out of nowhere the theme song for the Olsen & Olsen Detective Company’s jingle popped into my head and now I can’t. Stop. Singing. It.

I grew up on these VHS Tapes. This was my shit and I bet it’s why I want to be a detective.

I watched a good chunk of “The Case of the Volcano Mystery” episode and these producers were really egging me on to meet 3 weird White men in the woods and just fuckin trust ’em? They really wanted me to get ganked.

You’re seriously going to tell me that these men aren’t supposed to be threatening? Nope, pass, I’mma get skinned alive.

Screenshot 2020-05-20 at 20.57.25

Regardless- did anyone else watch these as a kid? 

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Featured Image: Screenshot from Case of the Volcano Mystery

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