This is Going To Be A Busy Week for the NWHL’s Newest Team

This week is going to be an exciting week, NWHL fans.

Digit Murphy, president of the NWHL’s new Toronto team, confirmed on Sportsnet yesterday that this week is going to be chalked full of exciting announcements for Toronto.

Murphy said at the beginning of the interview that so far the team has 13 players signed to contract. Well at the moment we know of 8 players who are signed to Toronto so, within the next week, the team will likely be announcing 5 players who have signed with the team. I’m excited to see who this is going to be but because the pool of options is so wide, I really can’t even take a guess as to who they’re going to sign. One of the 5 players is supposably goalie Samantha Ridgewell, according to Justine Levine.

Murphy also mentioned the team name and logo will be brought up in the near future. This is a moment we have all been waiting for. I submitted the “Toronto Fox” and I’m livin’ on a prayer that there is even a slim chance that idea gets chosen.

toronto fox complete

In her interview, Digit also brings up how impactful social media is to the growth of women’s hockey –  even women’s sports in general. Social media is a huge key to success. Everyone is on social media, getting coverage and content out there will help people see your team and product more. That’s why I write women’s hockey as much as I can. These athletes need more coverage and reach than they get most of the time. I want to help put these women on the main stage and I’ll help do that any way I can.

Digit also talks about how women’s empowerment specifically in sports, is huge. She brings up the PWHPA and makes it clear that she is here for the growth of the game, she’s not taking sides.

I like what she has done already. I talked last week about the divide in women’s hockey and I absolutely love how Digit is stepping in by saying that even though she the president of an NWHL team she will not turn her back on other hockey players who chose the PWHPA path. This is the unity that we need from all sides involved. 

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