PWHPA Announces What Their Plan Is This Season

“The PWHPA will consist of five regional training hubs located in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal in Canada, and New Hampshire and Minnesota in the United States. The regions will aim to provide players with improved access to resources such as full-time dressing rooms, access to strength and conditioning facilities, support staff and coaches.” (x)

The PWHPA has announced their next move for this season and I can’t say I love it. The “league-but-not-a-league” will have 5 “regional hubs” in cities throughout US and Canada, those 5 teams will travel around and play in other showcases. Players will have to try out for teams and, according to sources, they will not have a salary but the expenses of playing (ie travel, rink time, equipment, etc.) will be covered. 

We’re still getting more details as they come through but here is where each city’s “hub” will play and below that is a list of each “hub’s” GM:

I’m sad Chicago isn’t on the list TBH. I’ve talked about how Chicago would be an amazing place for women’s hockey but alas, I’m left hockey-less.

As for this idea, I’m not a big fan.

The idea behind the Player’s Association was that they were separate from the league but now it seems like they’re competing with the NWHL. Once again, in my mind, this doesn’t seem like a smart idea anymore. The thing that I loved about the PWHPA last season was the fact that they were traveling to untapped women’s hockey markets.

Traveling between different cities that don’t see much live women’s hockey was what I liked about the PWHPA. Now that they’ll be -for the most part- static, this kinda takes the wind out of my sails. For example, I’m in Chicago and I don’t really drive on the expressway, so going up to Minnesota is hard for me to do. 

Sure, this way will allow players to have access to year-round training without having to worry about it, we’ll have more women’s hockey on a consistent basis but I thought that the PWHPA was different from this. I thought the reach and growth were so much larger when teams were traveling.

Maybe I need more details and time to get adjusted to this but off the bat, it’s a no from me.

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Featured Image: Tijana Martain

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