I Will Throw Hands With Anyone Who Gives Colin Wilson (Or Any Player) Beef About Using Pride Tape During A Game

colin wilson
Colin Wilson (Colorado Avalanche) in a Bardown Interview on May 12th

Who EVER, regardless of age, height, weight, race, etc., makes fun of Colin Wilson if he ever uses Pride Tape in a full game, I will fight them. These hands will be thrown without a moment’s hesitation.

The back story? Yesterday, Colin Wilson did an interview with Bardown and he talked about how he would like to used colored tape but was afraid of getting chirped.

I don’t think he was implying just getting chirped about the Pride Tape, he means any kind of colored tape and used Pride Tape an example. Alas, I will still defend him if he chooses to use it in a full game.

I’ve talked a few times about how important Pride Nights and the use of Pride Tape are to me -and other people- and it sucks to see a player say that they are hesitant to do it because of backlash. If someone is afraid of even using Pride Tape, imagine how LGBT+ people in the league feel.

So this is me dropping the gauntlet to anyone who gives him beef, be it NHL player, fan, coach. I hope that Wilson (and other players) end up using the Pride Tape in a full game. You would be doing this Queer Person (TM) proud. Don’t you worry about the backlash, I got it…


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Featured Image: Pride Tape

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